Frequently Asked Questions

How can I compare the value of logs to oil or other sources of energy?

There is a brilliant chart on the Coed Cymou website under innovations. Try using it to compare the relative value of different fuels.

Does the price include delivery?

Free delivery depends on your postcode. Once you enter this on the order form it will automatically adjust the order for any delivery charge. As a guide we deliver free within a 10 mile radius of Ripon.

Delivery charges do apply outside this area.  You can find the cost of deliver by using the delivery calculator when viewing your order cart.

Any queries please contact us using the details on that page.

Is the wood from a sustainable source?


Our logs are sourced from our woodlands, which we manage on a sustainable basis. See ‘Our Woodlands’ on the website

Is the wood for sale hardwood or softwood? Do you know the species being sold?

We sell both Hardwood and Softwood  logs.

  • Hardwood logs come from Beech, Ash, Sycamore and Oak. They all have slightly different burning characteristics. Ash is the best and oak burns the longest.
  • Softwood logs come from Larch, Spruce, Pine and Fir. We will soon be selling just larch. This is the best burning softwood, which gives off as much calorific value per kilo of timber as hardwood. It burns brighter and faster than hardwood and so is good to get the room warm quickly. Softwood can spit so should not be used on open fires.
How are the logs seasoned?

The logs are seasoned in the woodland where they get partly air dried by nature. They are then brought to the yard where they are cut to length, split and stored in boxes. This is when the real drying takes place and the moisture content drops from about 40% to the 20% you get when they are delivered.

They are stacked outside rather than kiln dried. The important measure is how they burn when you get them. Outside air drying uses the natural energy of the wind and sun.

What is the diameter of the logs?

All the logs are split so their diameter varies. It is seldom less than 75mm and not often more than 175mm.

What is the length of the logs? Will they fit into my fireplace, stove etc?

We cut our logs into two lengths; 9″ to 10″ and 12″ to 13″. These are the most commonly used sizes. If you would like another length please e mail us on or leave a message on 01765 605248.